Desert Joy Tunesia

Desert Joy

Desert Joy, Fairtrade tomatoes, Tunesia.
With 187 hectares of modern greenhouses, Agro Care is one of the largest tomato growers in the Netherlands. They had been looking for some time for the possibilities for additional production during the winter period. In December 2012, Agro Care started its sister company Desert Joy in Tunisia. The solution was found in southern Tunisia, which currently has 20 ha of foil greenhouse and 10 hectares of glass greenhouse.
CombiCoop, the purchasing and project management organization for Agro Care, among others, was looking for a new supplier for water treatment equipment. Involvement and thinking along with the supplier were an express wish of CombiCoop. Through experience and customized solutions, the assignment was given to FDG Systems awarded. Arjan Flikweert, director at CombiCoop, had immediate confidence in the FDG Systems team. “It is always nice to talk to people who understand what you are talking about,” said Arjan.
Arjan is very enthusiastic about the AQALux standalone low-pressure UV water sanitizer. Plug and play, “rarely seen such a simple commissioning as with the AQALux”. “The system works smoothly, so far without maintenance. Cleaning takes place automatically, all we have to do is ensure that there is enough acid in the storage tank. In combination with the extremely friendly graphical user interface and the possibility to operate the system via the smartphone, the perfect water disinfectant.
CombiCoop works with its own installation team in close collaboration with the technical department of Agro Care. “The communication with FDG Systems goes very smoothly with questions answered quickly”. The systems are equipped with known techniques, which means that training and instruction are virtually unnecessary. The water systems are controlled by the existing process computer with FDG Systems ensured the link.
FDG Systems has supplied the following systems to Desert Joy:
– AQALux low pressure UV water disinfection system.
– Fertilizer dosing unit.
– Irrigation transport units.
– Drain water return units.
– Filter units.
– Low pressure humidification units.
– Pad & Fan units.
Switch panels with integrated interfacing for the Ridder Hortimax process computer for the boiler house, the greenhouse and the water room.