Irrigation units

AQALux, UV water disinfection unit.
The AQALux is a low pressure UV water disinfection unit for horticultural applications.
The AQALux is developed by FDG Systems.

Irrigation units

Irrigation units.
FDG Systems supplies irrigation units for open field, greenhouses, substrate cultivation, ebb / flow systems, multiple layers cultivation and growth cells for all conceivable crops.


YaraTera EASYFEED mobile A-B tank dosing unit and stock.
FDG Systems developed in close corporation with Yara the YaraTerra EASYFEED.

Interface panels

Interface panels for horticultural applications

Services and consultancy

Services and consultancy
Through years of experience in automation, energy management and water treatment, in particular in covered horticulture, FDG Systems is the ideal partner to assist you in resolving technical and commercial issues. The knowledge of global horticulture that is present with us can assist you in developing new markets, products or making existing products applicable in international horticulture.