AQAMix irrigation unit

AQAMix standard

irrigation unit

AQAMix standard irrigation unit.
With an FDG systems AQAMix dosing unit, the irrigation and fertigation of your crop is well regulated. It does not matter whether use is made of drip hoses, crop irrigation, ebb / flood or NFT, for growing in soil or substrate.
As a spin-off from the customized irrigation units, FDG Systems has assembled the AQAMix unit. This allows a high-quality unit to be supplied at an attractive price. Customers’ wishes can be integrated with standard options, which increases the number of possibilities.
Standard specifications.
  • Mixing tank principle.
  • Dosage by venturies.
  • 1 x dose of A-B1.
  • 1 x dose of acid or lye.
  • Pump capacity 8 to 32 m3/hour.
  • Pump pressure is +/- 3.5 Bar.
  • 1 EC and 1 pH measurement.
  • 8 electric irrigation outputs 24VDC8 elektrische kraan uitgangen 24VDC
  • AQAMix units are built on a stainless steel frame using high-quality components.
  • Supply pump.
  • EC pre-control.Flow meter.
  • Light sensor.
  • Double EC / pH measurement.
  • 2 x extra dosing channels (A-B2).
  • 16, 24 or 32 electrical valve outputs.
  • Operation with smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Screen filter 130 Micron.
Controls and software options:
Controller met touchscreen grafische gebruikersinterface.
  • Language independent with clear icons.
  • Adjustable user password.
  • Two starting programs.
    • Clock Start with minimum and maximum rest time
    • Start on light intensity with minimum and maximum rest time
  • 8 valves as standard (extendable to 32 valves).
    • Time or quantity per valve adjustable. (quantity when liter counter present)
    • EC, pH values adjustable per valve.
    • Recipe selection A-B1 / A-B2 adjustable per tap
    • EC pre-control adjustable per valve. (If present).
  • Flow dependent dosage in combination with PID control.
  • Adjustable alarm EC, pH too high/too low, flow too high/too low
  • As an option remote control via internet by using. smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Current measurements and system status.
  • Min., max. and average values EC and pH per valve per day.
  • Total flow per valve per day
  • Data storage 7 days
  • Independent (stand-alone) unit with its own controller, independent of any existing automation
  • Short delivery time due to the use of standard components.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.User-friendly operation with touchscreen.
  • Maintenance friendly dosage with a minimum of moving parts.Mixing tank guarantees optimum mixing of fertilizers and therefore sufficient time to react and to release the CO2. This guarantees that water with the correct EC and pH reaches the plants.
  • EC and pH control depend on flow so that a stable control is created.
Design and advice.
FDG Systems can advise you in choosing the right solution and support you in the design of technical solutions. This prevents unpleasant surprises.