Irrigation units


Irrigation units.
Irrigation units
FDG Systems supplies irrigation units for open field, greenhouses, substrate cultivation, ebb / flow systems, more layers of cultivation and growth cells for all conceivable crops. Irrigating, dosing fertilizers and controlling the EC and pH (acidity) and possibly other substances has no secrets for FDG Systems.
Type of irrigation units.
Different types of irrigation units have been developed over the years. In many cases end users in different markets have a preference for a certain type, the choice is determined by experiences of colleagues, education or information. FDG Systems has the right unit in the delivery package..
Type of units.
  • Mixing tank: with this type of unit, the fertilizers and any acid / lye are mixed with water in a tank. The water, the fertilizers and the acid / lye thus have the opportunity to react with each other. This ensures that the correct EC and pH value is given to the plants. CO2 released during the reaction can easily escape in a mixing tank.
  • In-line injection: with this type of unit, all the water passes through the unit and the fertilizers and any acid / lye are injected directly into the main stream. This unit type only has a main pump and does not require a separate supply pump.
  • Bypass injection: The bypass injection unit is mounted parallel to the main line. Injection of the fertilizer takes place with the help of a “booster pump”. With this type of unit, large water flows with a relatively small injection unit can be provided with fertilizers.
Fertilizing recipes are always prepared in an “A” and “B” tank.
Standard water units.


“Click” here if you want to know more about the FDG Systems Standard irrigation unit AQAMix.


Custom water units:
The options for customization are unlimited. Integration of all types of filters, various dosing principle and various pumps are possible. Adjustments to available space for the units or piping can be applied. Short lines between the customer and the FDG Systems design team guarantees a worry-free solution.
It is increasingly common for horticultural businesses to be set up under their own management. The in-house technical department takes care of the installation. The units are designed in close collaboration with this technical department. FDG Systems assists the customer in calculating capacity and specifications. in this way we relieve the customer..
The water units can be designed as a stand-alone unit with dedicated automation. Integration in process automation from various suppliers is possible. The units are in this case provided with the correct sensors and interfaces..
  • Relieve the installer and end user.
  • Short communication lines.
  • Flexible in production and delivery time.
  • Standard and customized solutions.
  • Assistance in determining capacity.
  • Clear documentation.
  • Application of reliable A-brand components.