YaraTera EASYFEED, a mobile A-B tank dosing unit and stock.
FDG Systems developed in close corporation with Yara the YaraTerra EASYFEED.
The YaraTera EASYFEED is a mobile A – B tank dosing and stock unit in one, suitable for YaraTera Substrafeed liquid fertilizers. This makes taking advantage of the benefits of YaraTera Substrafeed liquid fertilizers very easy and very affordable.
  • A mobile ‘Safe by Choice’ stock and dosing installation, without investing.
  • Suitable for existing and new projects
  • Easy to integrate on your existing A – B tank installation without the investment.
  • Including level measurement to automatically keep your fertilizer stock on the right level.
  • Automatic filling of the A – B tanks with just one push of a button.
This is how YaraTera EASYFEED works.
Do not buy but rent and even cheaper.
YaraTera EASYFEED is not for sale but for rent, for a very modest rate.
A plug & play solution.
You take care of connection points for: electric power, clean water and an internet connection, Yara takes care of the rest.
The YaraTera EASYFEED is delivered completely on site:
Yara takes care of the installation, commissioning and maintenance, The YaraTera EASYFEED is equipped with telemetry, on this way the levels in the fertilizer tanks are known. The fertilizer tanks are replenished in time so that you never run out of fertilizers.
Optional can the YaraTera EASYFEED be equipped with heating and ventilation, on this way it is not only suitable for indoors but also outdoors placement.
YaraTera EASYFEED automatically doses the fertilizer in the desired A + B tanks by means of an easy-to-use touchscreen. You can also easily save and retrieve your recipes. You can start filling the A – B tanks by selecting the correct recipe and pressing the “start” button. In addition to the (main) nutritional elements, it is also possible to have two extra products dosed automatically.